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Industrial Technologist – 77066

Job Description:


The Industrial Technologist is responsible for preparing documentation and data requirements, including correspondence, submittals, analyses, manuals, quality data, test data, and field support information for the companies’ core customers. The Industrial Technologist is responsible for following the System Architecture and Configuration Management Plan for each program as assigned. This position acts as a point of contact for certain external and internal Customer sets and liaises with new vendors and new customers as needed. The Industrial Technologist will be knowledgeable of trade studies, reliability and availability determinations, failure mode and criticality matrices, maintainability determinations, and test plan and technical manual generation. The Industrial Technologist reports directly to the Executive Director, and will be responsible for determining and outlining the requirements of specific customer sets.

Specific responsibilities may include:

·         Utilize system architectures to produce summaries of equipment and components and their affected documentation and data requirements.

·         Organize related documentation and produce correspondence for direct submission of design and technical data to customer sets.

·         Produce block diagrams and reliability and availability, failure mode effects and criticality, trade study (cost, quality, schedule, and performance), safety, procedural, and maintenance information.

·         Produce Technical Manual information based on the demands of the system and the customer.

·         Produce Test Plans and Test Reports.

·         Assist in planning and organizing quality data packages per the customer’s requirements.

·         Assist in cost and technical proposal preparation and review with an eye to performance, design, documentation, and testing considerations.


·         Support project design, costs, and correspondence as it applies to the scope.

·         Support and participate in the organization’s continual improvement program to conform to ISO 9001 requirements by complying with the Quality Policy and procedures and meeting QMS objectives.

·         Review of project and component Contractual Specifications as required.

·         Other duties as assigned.