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Weld Line Operator – NE Houston 77049

Job Summary:
Assist in operation of bias welding equipment for the welding of strip material onto accumulator reels for production of strings. All duties are expected to be performed safely and in accordance with established procedures.


Job Duties:
Conduct visual inspection and verify proper identification of strips being loaded onto payoff stands for use. Report any discrepancies to on-shift Weld Line Operator.
Operate overhead crane and payoff stand equipment to load and feed strip material for setup of welds.
Operate scrap shear to cut off outer wrap / leading end of strip.
Prepare, align, and set up ends of strip material for welding.
Setup and operate tig welding machine to weld tabs onto strip material.
Setup and operate plasma welding machine to weld strip material.
Achieve certification in all product grades, at a minimum through QT-1000.
Assist with taking the x-ray of weld.
Operate pneumatic grinder to dress and finish weld. Remove tabs with shear.
Dress and finish edges of strip at weld.
Record dimensional and hardness readings.
Operates the planisher to stress relieve the bias weld.
Record required information accurately on Strip Makeup Order.
Maintain supply of sanding discs and tools.
Bands up any leftover material from payoff stand, labeling strip properly for return to stock.
Scan strips in proper location when used.
Operate pump operations station for accumulation of strip material onto accumulator reel.
Assist with recording necessary information accurately on Strip Makeup Order.
Perform housekeeping duties to include picking up all trash in work area, cleaning floor, organizing tools, and containing any hydraulic leaks.


Hours: Rotating shift / full time

Pay: $15/hr

Must be able to pass a drug test and have a clean criminal background