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Supervisor – Atlanta


Pay: 55-80k

  • Oversee all field personnel in the Atlanta and surrounding areas

Set a tone of excellence, hard work & professionalism. Create relationships with  punch crew & builders. Make sure the punch guys are being as efficient & productive as possible. Work with crew supervisor on issues regarding punch, install, warranties & shorts

  • Quality Control

Check punch & crews’ installation. Walk all houses before and after initial install and any punch work


Make sure a warranty is completed in timely manner

  • Shorts/Extra material

Need to make sure shorts are completed in a timely manner. Supers are to compare plans to the field on shorts. Extra material to be removed and returned to office or supply house.

  • Extras punch

Make sure extras are being charged to the builder.

  • Safety

All Punch crews, Supers & Roofing crews are to be following OSHA regulations.

Please email resume to Camille@cypresscreekpesonnel.com

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