Full time


Checking and auditing timekeeping records for compliance, maintaining time and attendance records, posting changes in tax status, and miscellaneous changes. Balancing and controlling earnings and hours, calculating and preparing accounting entries, inspecting automated system output such as registers and standard reports, determining and correcting out-of-balance conditions, preparing and filing tax reports, gathering payroll data for inclusion in payroll, and researching and preparing special reports for management, calculating military and jury duty pay, and processing garnishments and levies

Process Bi-weekly payrolls; including receipt and proofing of time records, input of data, transmittal, register review and distribution of paychecks.


  • · Assist Payroll Supervisor in day-to-day payroll operations and related responsibilities, including
  • · Process garnishments and provide pay calculations along with payment transmittals to agency.
  • · Process manual checks
  • · Work closely with HR to ensure accurate payrolls.
  • · Process year end Form W-2s
  • · Receive and update payroll system and burden spreadsheet for changes in payroll tax rates
  • · Complete and return quarterly Payroll Tax Verification forms to ADP (Payroll processor).
  • · Prepare and file quarterly tax reports not prepared by ADP.
  • · Respond to employment verification requests
  • · Respond to employee questions
  • · Other duties and responsibilities as may be assigned from time to time.

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