Interview Tips

Preparing for a job interview is important to Houston job seekers who are taking charge of their future. Yet, many people go into an interview unprepared. You can learn the secrets of a good job interview in other parts of the world, as well as Houston, with these interview tips and tricks.

  • Two businesspeople, or business person and client handshaking atWhat is the purpose of an interview? It lets an employer know you AND lets you find out about the employer.
  • Know yourself! Think about the important areas of your life, and ask yourself some questions…your interests, your experience, abilities and skills, education, strengths, weaknesses, and values. Most of all, know your goals.
  • Do some research. Know the organization. Not knowing about the organization you want to work for is a common mistake.
  • Prepare for the interview. Bring a work sample. Rehearse answers. Write down your questions, review your work history.
  • Follow these tips for conducting yourself: dress properly, be on time, be friendly, show enthusiasm, be positive, maintain eye contact, be aware of body language, be a good listener, and most importantly, communicate clearly.
  • Be prepared to answer questions, don’t respond with “yes” or “no.” Give brief, concise answers.The interviewer wants to know how you think and approach challenges.
  • Be prepared to ask questions about the position, duties, opportunities for advancement, training, co-workers, supervisors and travel.
  • Emphasize your strengths. Don’t criticize past employers or co-workers. Have something to offer. Be assertive. Avoid personal issues. Thank the interviewer.
  • When the time comes to talk about salary, be prepared to state the amount you feel you deserve. Do your homework, talk with other people, be realistic and don’t undersell yourself.
  • Have references available when asked for them.
  • After the interview, analyze your performance. Follow up the interview with a thank-you note.

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