The Benefits of Staffing with our Employment Agency in Houston

The trials of hiring new employees are well understood by all companies, especially those who are growing steadily or experience high turnover. As an employer, your desire to find the best candidates available is challenged by your need to fill positions quickly and efficiently.

Cypress Creek Personnel understands your struggle. Our temp staffing agency in Houston exists to simplify and streamline the entire hiring process–and most importantly, to find you superior candidates. Our employment agency can help your Houston-based business to start employing the best people possible!

Now let’s take a quick look at the recruiting benefits our Houston employment agency can offer you:

We Make it Simple & Easy

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Shorter Hiring Time & Fewer Interviews

Regardless of the type of position you need to fill, all our staffing services offer these powerful advantages:

  • We take the time to understand the exact type of employees you need, based on the criteria you provide.
  • We utilize our applicant database and proven, intelligent filtering system to find you great candidate matches QUICKLY.
  • We provide you a clear, concise list of candidates we suggest for you to interview.

In short, we save you hours of work and put you in touch with superior candidates.

With our help, you will find ideal candidates to hire in less time and after fewer interviews.

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Reduced Risk & Fewer Costs*

*These benefits only apply to our temporary and temp-to-hire staffing services

  • Terms of employment are clarified and understood by applicants.
  • All applicants undergo intensive screening before we can recommend them.
  • You will not be liable for paying unemployment benefits upon termination.
  • We handle many of the HR tasks that you would normally be concerned with.

Looking For Great Employees?

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