Employee Staffing & Recruiting Services in Houston

Direct Hire Staffing

Do you know what you want in that perfect new employee, but don’t have time to search on your own?

We can do the hard part for you.

We will meet with you and take a detailed description of the position(s) you need to fill, including responsibilities, requirements, and benefits.

Then, as part of our recruitment services for your Houston business, we perform a thorough screening and reference check for all our applicants.

Finally, we match each applicant’s experience, education, background and personality to your requirements and send you a select few of your best matches.

Temp to Hire Staffing

According to research in Labor Relations Review, companies are 12% more likely to move an agency temp to full time. This means that less time is spent searching for new hires or going back to the drawing board. Also, less time is sunk into effective screening.

Hire one of our qualified applicants on a temp-to-hire basis. The employee will remain on our payroll for 520 hours (approximately 3 months). This gives you time to assess the employee’s performance and work ethic before transferring to your company payroll.

Temporary Staffing

Our temporary staffing candidates in Houston are skilled workers who can provide assistance for your short or long term needs. When you call us with an order, we’ll go to work immediately and begin searching our availability list. In most cases, we will call you back within thirty minutes with our list of best matches.

We will stay in touch and follow up to see if your employee arrived on time and is performing to your expectations. We take pride in providing you superior candidates and guarantee your satisfaction.

Payrolling Services

When you consider the cost savings and administrative advantages, outsourced payrolling for your Houston small business is the most cost-effective way to manage their payroll functions.

For instance, perhaps you have found an employee on your own, but prefer not to put that person on your payroll at the present time; we can provide complete payroll services for your full-time or part-time employee on a short or long-term basis.

Applicant Testing

When applicable, Cypress Creek Personnel’s recruitment services in Houston can test applicants using the latest versions of the SkillCheck™ Pre-Employment Skills Assessment software. SkillCheck™ is recognized as an industry standard for evaluating applicants’ abilities.

Depending on the applicant’s background, tests are given for the major word processing packages, spreadsheets, data entry (numeric and alphanumeric), 10 key and database. Additionally, tests for spelling, grammar, accounting, bookkeeping, legal and medical terminology can be given. We will administer any specialized test your company requests.

Applicant Training

Our recruiting services in Houston offer applicants training in the latest software packages. Our applicants for direct hire and temporary employment can sharpen their skills to handle your most demanding assignments.


*The testing and training tools can be emailed to your location so you can test your own applicants or provide training for your personnel.

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