Direct Hire Staffing & Recruiting in Houston

Our Direct Hire staffing consultants match qualified job applicants with your job description and needs.

You can skip the hours of sifting through numerous websites and resumes — many which will be unqualified — and focus on interviewing several qualified job candidates.

How It Works

  1. Describe the positions you need to fill (contact us in person or by phone).
  2. Receive the resumes of several qualified and pre-screened candidates whose skills and traits match your needs.
  3. Interview the candidates and hire the best match!

If you want more candidates to compare, our direct hire staffing agency in Houston is capable of providing additional resumes and candidates for your review until you have decided on an employee to fill your position.

Direct Hire through Cypress Creek Personnel is time-saving and stress free, allowing you more time to focus on your business rather than hiring and HR issues.


Having our employment agency in Houston handle your recruiting needs provides numerous benefits over the process of hiring employees yourself:

  • We have access to candidates that are not on the open market.
  • We provide higher quality candidates whose skills, traits, and characteristics match your needs.
  • We reduce or eliminate your time spent searching for candidates and reviewing resumes.
  • We reduce administrative time and costs.
  • We help fill positions faster.

Looking For Great Employees?

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