Temp Agency Recruiting & Staffing in Houston

Cypress Creek Personnel is a Houston temp staffing agency providing high-quality part-time and full-time staff on a temporary basis.

The most common reasons for temporary staffing include:

  • Short-Term Worker Replacement for Other Employees in Houston (for maternity leave, illness, vacations, etc)
  • Meet Seasonal Worker Demands in your Houston Based Business
  • Meet Short-Term Increases in Demand
  • Temp-to-Hire Situations (low risk way to evaluate new staff without dedicating to hiring)

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How It Works

We’ve been a temporary staffing in Houston since 1978 and have developed a system that keeps staffing and payrolling exceptionally simple for our clients.  The temp hiring process works like this:

  1. You (our client) calls or emails with your temp staffing requirements(s) and budget
  2. We provide one or more candidates that match your needs
  3. You interview the candidates and select the best fit
  4. We handle payrolling and keep your billing simple
Being a service-oriented temporary staffing agency in Houston, Cypress Creek Personnel makes hiring a “temp” ultra-simple for our clients. We’ve been known to fill clients’ “temp” needs with next-day speed.

Benefits of Using a Temp Agency

The benefits of using Cypress Creek Personnel in Houston as a temporary staffing agency include:
  • Easy Recruiting — Just call and we will send people with skills and traits that match your requirements
  • Minimal Paperwork — We provide the employment documents and paperwork you need.
  • Minimal Risk & Liability — “On paper” your “temp” is an employee of Cypress Creek Personnel so you don’t need to worry about payroll taxes or additional paperwork.
  • Easy Time Keeping — You only need to approve your temps weekly hours and send them to us via fax or email.
  • Option to Hire — If your temporary staff is an excellent fit for your company and the position, you have the option to hire him or her.

Billing is Simple

Billing for temporary employees is simple.  Here is how it works:

  • You are invoiced weekly for the hours you approved the previous week
  • Your individual staff’s hours, hourly rate, and weekly totals are listed for easy record-keeping and management

It’s that simple.

Looking For Great Employees?

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